Restorative Yoga
& Meditation

Workshops in Altrincham

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Get some ‘me time’
Take some time out just for you!

Come along to explore restorative yoga and meditation in a relaxed and informal setting.

Workshops focus on gentle movement and deep relaxation, breath awareness (pranayama), mindfulness and meditation.

Classes have added emphasis on seated and floor-based yoga poses and the relaxation is always done lying down.

These workshops are perfect for:

ॐ Those with busy lives who are looking to de-stress and unwind

ॐ People suffering with back pain

ॐ Anyone recovering from injury or surgery

ॐ Pregnant women or those in the early stages of post-natal recovery

ॐ Those with a strong yang practice who are looking for the perfect complement

Gentle, effective asana and pranayama, opening up the benefits of yoga and meditation to all.

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ॐ One-to-Ones

One-to-one sessions are available if you would prefer to learn meditation techniques in the comfort of your own home.

A one-to-one session can also be purchased as a Gift Voucher.

£25 - 1-hour's guided meditation

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